How To Kiss: General Tips for Kissing

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Now down to business. As I mentioned in earlier posts, kissing can be a very scary thing if you have never done it before or if you are just not good at it. I am about to share with you my tips for kissing well and ensure that your kiss partner (boyfriend, girlfriend etc....) would want to kiss you some more. You and I both know that's what you want, I mean who doesn't.
Now, on to the tips.

1. Make sure the person you want to kiss, wants to kiss you- Trust me, you don't want to just lunge at the person you want to kiss about 99.9% of the time you will get a very bad response, that is unless you have kissed before and you are both confortable with it.
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2. Make sure the mood is right- Let me give an example, if the person you are want to kiss is upset about something, let's say their pet has died. DO NOT GO FOR IT. Better comfort them, it will make your chances of getting kissed better.

3. Hygiene- I don't know how much I have to stress this but you have to be clean. No one wants to kiss a slob and I know you probably don't either so do yourselves both a favour and keep yourself clean. Brush your teeth regularly, carry breath mints you know, the works.

4. Physical contact- Physical contact tells a lot about intentions. As I mentioned earlier, people like surprises but not those types of surprises so give the sort of contact that would lead to kiss. Hold hands, you know the usual.

5. Eye Contact- This is also very important. Eye contact, like physical contact can tell a lot about intentions just don't make it too weird, just do a casual stare into his/her eyes and smile. I'm not talking a huge smile that might be misinterprated for laughter but something small but sexy.

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