How Can I Tell If He Likes Me?

So, there is probably that guy who you hang around with a lot or gives you some "signs" and you want to know whether he likes you or not. Well a guy can be pretty easy to figure to figure out, if you know what to look for.

If the guy just straight up says "Hey, I like you, let's go out" then you already know and you wouldn't be here on this page. Since you are here, he hasn't said that and you just want to make sure.
Here are just a few signs you should look out for:

  • He either asks you if you have a boyfriend or if you are just going out with someone: He wants to know whether you are free. Whether consciously or subconsciously, he is telling you he is interested. Take this as just a possible sign, don't take it too seriously. He may just be curious.
  • Eye Contact: This is also another sign you should consider. If you usually catch him looking at you, he is probably interested. If he smiles or looks away shyly even better.
  • He tries to make plans with you: If he constantly tries to make plans with you, it means he is interested. He probably wants to know more about you and just generally likes spending time with you.
  • He pays attention: You only have to tell him something once. Say during a random conversation, you tell him your favorite food. You probably never thought about it after that but later he surprises you by ordering your favorite food.
  • He playfully teases and touches you: Usually if he teases other girls as well you may not consider this a sign but if he pays more attention to you i.e. teasing you, pushing you playfully then he probably likes you. The fact that he only does it to you or does it more to you than other girls means he is giving you attention.
There are many other ways to tell whether a guy likes you. I decided to share just a few.
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