How can I tell If she likes me?

This question has been asked by many guys throughout the world, whether to their friends or in their head. But one fact is, at least every guy has asked himself this question at least once in their life.
Before I actually get into this, let me explain a few things to you.

  • Girls are human beings, like you. They are not strange foreign creatures who are impossible to understand(though at times it may seem like it).
  •  Girls can be just as shy as guys.  Don't worry, the girl you feel shy around is probably shy around you.
Now let me begin. How can you tell whether she likes you or not? It's not as hard as you think. Of course a girl won't just come up to you and tell you point blank that she likes you. It does happen but it's not as common. Girls are more likely going to give you signals that they expect you to get.

These are ways you can find out id she really likes you.

  • Talk to her: Just talk about something random, but don't cross any lines. If you see that she seems interested in whatever you want to say and laughs at even your least funny of jokes, then she is probably interested in you. Maybe not in the terms you expect but she finds you interesting which is a plus because there is potential that she does actually LIKE you.
  • She likes touching you: She probably wants to find every excuse to touch you, whether teasingly or not, she probably likes you. Most of the time she would say, feel your biceps or something and comment by saying you are really strong even though you haven't been to the gym in ages. She is flirting with you, in other words she probably likes you. I will talk more on flirting soon.
  • You somehow find yourselves together in the same places: It could be coincidence but it might probably be that she is trying to find every opportunity to be around you.

  • She flirts with you: Flirting is probably the easiest way you can tell. If she flirts with you it means she has actually seen something in you that she likes.

  • Give her a Smile: Just make sure you don't creep her out but do something simple. If she smiles back, that's good. If she starts to seem shy, then that's even better. As I mentioned earlier, girls can be just as shy as shy as guys.
These are just a few methods of finding out whether someone likes you or not. I will post more tips soon but for now enjoy. 

P.S If you have more tips, please post them here, I would really appreciate. :)

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