5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Girlfriend/Wife Happy

Some of the things that make men happy can actually be the same things that make women happy. Obviously there are some differences but all in all you will find some similarities. So here is how you can put a smile on the face of your partner today.

Let's begin

  • Listen to Her: Yes, that's right, listen to her. Women find it upsetting when they notice that you don't listen to them. I understand you may have some valid reasons for not listening e.g. exhaustion, I picked this because this is one of the most common excuses along with sport. Women appreciate it when they know you are listening so try at least, you will make her happy. 
  • Thank her for what she does: Just like men, women like knowing that they are appreciated for what they do. Just a simple tank you along with a small speech ( even two sentences is okay ) and you will make her happy, trust me.
  • Take her out: Women love dressing up and being taken out. So taking her out on a date night will make her happy. Before the date e.g. during the day you can even send her her favorite flowers, (This still works) saying how much you look forward to your date. Don't feel shy to put in a little poem (cheesy, yes but cute). She would really appreciate this.
  • Surprise her: Most women love surprises, chances are yours is one of them. It could be anything from a gift to just doing something you know she'll love that is out of the ordinary. She will love it.
  • Do something with her: When I say this I men do something she likes to do. Sure you may not be a fan of a good romantic movie but if she is into it, do it with her. If say she plays guitar, ask her to play a song for you. One thing she would like to know is that you are interested in her and acknowledge her interests. This can help you connect even more, who knows, you might actually end up developing an interest too.
  • Bonus:Give her a hug and a kiss, this will show love and affection. Women love to be kissed and hugged. Especially if you do it by surprise, (make sure it is the right time though otherwise you will not get a good reaction).

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