How To Kiss: The Actual Kiss

Now it's time to get to the actual kiss. This is the time when you know you are going for kiss. You are 100% sure that both of you want and are up for it. So, this is what you do.

If you are standing, the guy could put his hands on her waist, the side of her face or run his hands through the girls hair, the girl could also do the same. This helps both of you get ready for it, feel more intimate
and helps keep control between both of you especially if this is the first time you are kissing.

If you are sitting, The best is to run your hands through each others hair (but carefully, you don't want any accidents). The main thing here is to also touch and feel intimate while maintaining some control.

The Actual Kiss: 
Now it's time for the actual kiss. One thing you have to remember is to not go too fast into it otherwise someone might get hurt.

The Tilt: It is important to tilt your head just before a kiss, it is much easier as noses tend to get in the way. Go slow so that you can anticipate where your partner will tilt their head to, whether left or right. One funny fact is girls are the most likely going to choose the direction they go when kissing. So if you are a girl, best thing close your eyes and choose a direction to lean, the guy will most likely follow and choose the opposite. If you are the guy, wait for the girl to choose the direction. Things will certainly go more smoothly.

Close your eyes: I'm not exactly sure why but this is a general rule of all kisses. Maybe its the fact that it would just be weird to have your eyes open and being so close to each other might make it seem a bit uncomfortable.

Get on with it: Now you just have to get on with it get in and kiss him/her.

For Actual details check out the articles on Types of Kisses. This will help you decide what kiss you want to do. I will write in more detail about most of these types of kisses in future so either subscribe or join this site with Google Friend Connect using the tool on the right so that you can get up to date info on new articles and more.....

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